Watch the Almost Sevenfold online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know

When you start to get your sweeping picking in order and start to really use the technique you'll soon find out it's not as easy as just sweeping across the strings with those patterns you've been shedding for the last six months. Your metalized sweep licks have to fit into what you're playing over or they (and you) will fall short of the mark you're going for. Take this Dm arpeggio moment adapted from the Avenged Sevenfold boys--Zacky Vengeance and Sinister Gates--via a tune called "Almost Easy" from their self-titled album where the arp is swept from the 5th string root, but altered at the top to meet the Ab5 change on beat 3. This must-know idea will bolster your sweep picking effectiveness tenfold!!

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