Watch the AIC online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know

Looking for some more umphf from a riff? Wish you could make those power chord changes sound a little smoother? Fret no more, for the solution lies within a quick twist of the 6th string tuning machine. "Dropped D" is the name and detuning your low E down a whole step to a rumbling D is the game. Many metal Gods have employed this simple, yet brutal trick and written many thunderous offerings we happily bang our heads to everyday. One such riff-amist is Jerry Cantrell of Alice Chains. Right from the start on their first debut album, Facelift, you get assaulted with the durdge of dropped tunings on the lead track, "We Die Young". This chugger of a riff takes influence from that very intro riff with it's riding of the detuned 6th string and smooth moves from the F5, G5, and slurred Ab5 chords.

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