Watch the 50 Metal Guitar Licks online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know

Congratulations on surviving the brutality known as 50 Metal Licks You Must Know! The thing to do now is turn the tour bus around and go back to every last lick and play them again. And then again and again, until you own each and every lick. To do this try manipulating the tempo, creating your own variations, reverse and/or juggle components, change the time signatures and morph the lick into metric submission--do whatever it takes to make these 50 Metal licks you must know your 50 metal guitar licks everyone else wants to know.

It has been my pleasure to embark on this fierce endeavor with you and I'm proud to bring the noise of this nature to TrueFire. I want nothing more than for you to get a taste of the shear entertainment that playing this style of guitar can bring. It was beyond cool to bring 50 Metal Licks You Must Know to life and I look forward to more metal to come.

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