Watch the 4th and 5th Degrees online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know

Fact: Adam Jones of Tool is an ingenius and unique riff writer. Jones' ideas drip with an element of creativity not commonly heard in any sub-set of metal. Be it polyrhythms, odd time signatures or unique voicings, Tool thrives in a class all their own. Combining the concepts of perfect fourths usage and employing upper strings to perform power chording detail, this riff explores second inversion voicings played on the middle four strings similar to the ones heard in "4 Degrees" from Tool's full length debut, Undertow. This riff will have you traveling a span of 4-1/2 steps within two bars of syncopated 16th notes giving you a fresh look at life beyond the root-fifth.

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