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Watch the Rep-Rep-Repetition online guitar lesson by Neil Zaza from 50 Melodic Rock Licks You MUST Know

A great compositional tool is repetition. A great compositional tool is repetition (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) all joking aside, to really drive the point home and build some great thematic development, no guitarist’s trick bag should be without the use of repetition. From the listener’s point of view it really solidifies what you are trying to get across melodically. The repetition can be in the timing/delivery of the notes, the actual pitch of the notes themselves, or a combination of both. In any case, you can build the tension of a song or solo by stating a motif - and stating it again exactly the same way or varying to a small degree.

In this lick look for the repetitive material to come from arpeggiating the underlying chords. In this, what breaks up the monotony is changing the little trill riff at the very top of each round. It’s all about building excitement and tension with repeats.