Watch the Do-Wop Arps online guitar lesson by Neil Zaza from 50 Melodic Rock Licks You MUST Know

Sometimes adding some arpeggios focusing on certain chord tones to a standard chord progression can give new life to a worn out phrase. This is a great little trick that we’re going to work on in this lick. The background progression is E, C#m, A and B. To my ears this sounds very much like an old 1950’s Do-Wop progression. But wait one second. Let’s add some gain and aggression to it while at the same time bolting some outlining arpeggios over it and we have a completely new thing. You’ll notice some hints of a more complex tonality in there as on the first E chord I layer an E major 7th arpeggio over it. The 7th sound sort of disappears and it blends in nicely with the accompanying chord. It gave it something different, but the listener can’t tell exactly what it is. Precisely.