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Watch the 50 Melodic Rock Licks online guitar lesson by Neil Zaza from 50 Melodic Rock Licks You MUST Know

Hey, this is Neil Zaza and I want to welcome you to "50 Melodic Rock Licks You MUST Know". If you’re a fan of great melodic rock players like Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Michael Schenker, Eric Johnson or Brian May then this collection of 50 licks is right up your alley.

Listen, as guitarists, we are genetically predisposed to want to learn the flashiest, fastest, most complex riffs. And once we do learn them the next step always is "How do I really convey emotion in my playing?" or "How can I really connect with my listener and make a lasting musical statement?"

One word: Melody.

Melody and a melodic approach to soloing are the ingredients that will keep people listening long after the crafty riffs have been dispatched. Playing with a theme or a strong melody is the hook that will grab and hold people’s attention. It will keep them coming back for repeated listenings and they will actually be humming or singing your solos!

I remember as a young kid hearing some of the melodic solos by Neal Schon. Tunes like "Majestic", "Lovin’ You is Easy", "Who’s Cryin’ Now" and "Still They Ride" among countless others. I couldn’t believe that I could not get those melodies out of my head hours and days after I heard them. They were almost mystical to my young ears because how did someone have the power to evoke those kinds of emotions and have me humming the solo after I had only heard it a few times? Melody.

Again, I remember making UFO’s Strangers in the Night double album my holy grail throughout high school because of Michael Schenker’s penchant for crafting melodies that were haunting and played with such wicked vibrato and tone. While he indeed possessed massive chops, the tunes that I was inexplicably drawn to were his haunting melodies in the extended intro to "Doctor Doctor" and "Love to Love".

And was there ever a more perfectly understated and yearning solo than Steve Lukather’s

masterpiece in "I Won’t Hold You Back"? I’d trade all my chops for the opportunity to have written that gem.

These are what started me on the path of melodic righteousness and still to this day touch my soul when I hear them. It’s this approach and love of all things guitar melodic that I want to share with you in this course.

Think of the greatest songs or solos that you personally enjoy.

What’s the common thread among them all? Probably that you had an emotional connection and were drawn in. I would venture to say that the main component of that would be some sort of captivating melody.

In this course I want to explore my passion for all things melodic. Not only teaching you specific licks that you can immediately incorporate into your soloing, but I want to show you the techniques and tools behind these riffs that can benefit your melodic playing even more. You’ll be crafting your own melodic solos!

We’ll be studying dozens of harmonic and technical approaches for crafting melodic lines in your own solos and improvisations. I’ll cover how to use expressive techniques like vibrato, bends, hammer-on and pull-off to create tension and drama in your phrases.

You’ll learn how to play engaging, melodic solos over the chord changes found in hundreds of rock and pop tunes while we work through several ways to take simple arpeggios and morph them into interesting lines and phrases.

I’ll share some very effective ways to fuse blues lines and double stops into diatonic chord changes for maximum impact.

You’ll also learn how to employ melodic devices like call and response, repetition and motifs to make your solos really sing.

When you master these key learnings you’ll be able to tell stories with your solos that grab a listener’s ear from beginning to end!

Everything is tabbed and notated for you. Plus, I’ve included Power Tab files, Guitar Pro files and all of the rhythm backing tracks for you to practice with.