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Watch the Rhythm Revolution online guitar lesson by Robben Ford from Rhythm Revolution

Hi. I'm Robben Ford and welcome to Rhythm Revolution. Playing rhythm guitar has become just about the greatest joy in my musical life and as a guitar player. It's something that I didn't necessarily explore when I first started playing. I, like many others, wanted to be a hot shot lead guitar player. It took being thrown into situations where it was demanded of me before I really started learning rhythm guitar. The more I got into it, the more pleasure I got from it. So I'm very pleased to be able to present this course with TrueFire. It's a great opportunity for me because I love the subject of rhythm guitar, I love talking about it and I hope you learn something from this.

I've organized the material in this course into two parts. In the first part I'll be sharing many of the musical concepts that I've learned over the years. Some of these things I've learned on my own through listening to records, seeing people perform, but also in many cases one on one with musicians that I've had the good fortune to study and play with. In the second section I've prepared twelve rhythm studies that we'll work through together. Each features a rhythm track that I recorded in Nashville, TN with a couple of great musicians living and working there and now working with me. Wes Little on drums, and Brian Allen on bass. These studies cover a variety of keys and feels and I will first play through a rhythm track, demonstrate a rhythm part for you, and then we'll break it down. So I encourage you to follow along with what I play on these rhythm tracks first, just listen to it and take it in. Learn the chord voicings that I'v used, then play along with the tracks yourself using these chord voicings and find your own way to use them yourself. It doesn't have to be identical to what I'm doing. It's good to imitate a little bit, but it's better to emualate and just take this information and run with it. We'll work with an eight bar slow blues with a bridge, similar to Freddie Green style. Also a rhythm and blues song based on the changes for a composition that I wrote some years ago called "Tell Me I'm Your Man". We'll take a very simple approach to a C minor blues. We'll look at an eight bar up-tempo shuffle with a bridge. I'll show you a variety of chord voicings that you can use over a 6/8 minor blues. We'll focus on a Bb blues with a funky beat to it. We'll work with a minor shuffle that I'm currently working on to create a new composition. Next up a dominant chord progression inspired by the music of Jimi Hendrix. We'll mix some rhythm and single-note parts in a one chord vamp. We'll cover a James Brown inspired jam. We'll find some variations on a traditional riff that I used in a song called "When I Leave Here" from the album Handful Of Blues. Finally we'll cover some down home Delta blues akin to Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. All of my performances are tabbed and notated plus you get twelve rhythm tracks with just bass and drums for you to work with on your own. So go ahead, grab your guitar and let's get started.