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Watch the Break It Down online guitar lesson by Robben Ford from Rhythm Revolution

I'm basically playing two rifts. These are fourths here. And then when playing it again the bass hits a B flat. So it becomes a B flat, sus four. I'm just not playing the B flat in the root which I think clouds the issue in this. You want to hear that. So many people play it like this. Very bluesy thing. I'm playing that, putting that F in there gives it quite the different quality. And I like the way that common tone C, shows up here with a flat A triad. And so it's a theme. Harmonically, it's a variation on a theme. Now this one, you have the F. Now it's minor instead of major and then it goes to A flat so we're in the key of A flat here. Because you can't go like this again because it's going to rub against this and you don't want that to happen. So you have that flat added seventh. And that's pretty much it. So the exercise here is finding a theme and finding ways to put different bass notes underneath it. In this case, we keep circling back to the flat A that adds a little harmonic interest to the picture. And you have to be careful of that G note against that A flat so I'm kind of playing in between the seventh of A flat. So it's okay on the first chord. And here you don't want to hear that note. You want to hear this. I'm hoping that's clear- that little difference. Between playing in the key of C and then playing in the key of A flat, but you’re playing a melody that sounds like the same melody and now you don't want to do this. So I changed the melody a bit so it's a flat seventh, all those are good against the A flat. So this another version of A flat seven. Seventh in the root, third tonic on top. So you're hearing this -Fifth tonic, tying the chords together into a theme. Creating energy going up. So the exercise here lays in taking a fundamental basic theme, finding a way to make it harmonically interesting, while still making it have the same feeling and groove to it.