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Watch the Using Full Voicings online guitar lesson by Robben Ford from Chord Revolution: Foundations

I love playing rhythm guitar, but this style I've been working on over the last several years has developed primarily out of songwriting for me. You're sitting on the couch and you're strumming the guitar and you're writing a song. These chord voicings that I've been demonstrating to you, like the E chords with third in the root, fifth in the root, things like that - you're really playing a lot of guitar. By that I mean, it's not just filling a role within the context of a group. With a group you generally would approach things a little bit different than full strummy guitar. But Hendrix played in this way, and it's really a product of writing songs that one would play this way and he was able to make it work.

I've really adopted a bit of that style myself. I just love his strummy guitar. I'm going to play something for you that's written in that style, using tracks. I'm using root notes on every one of the chords, flat out root notes. There's one place where I'm putting a third in the root, and in fact I'll show you what that is. This chord progression is very simple. This is where I have a third in the root. It's F, but the third is in the root. First time I play this progression is A minor, C to D. Second time I'm playing an F with the third in the root. See, it's a little bit different, and something about it, I just like the sound shifting instead of being exactly the same. I play a B flat 6 instead of the straight B flat triad. The C is also a six chord, slight little change happens even though it's basically G, A minor, B flat, C. Then there's a little tag on the end of it, which also includes the F over A in the root.