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Watch the Harmonizing the Major Scale online guitar lesson by Robben Ford from Chord Revolution: Foundations

Now what we're going to do, and this will really be the focus of most of what we talk about within the context of this lesson, this course - we're going to harmonize the major scale. We're in the key of E. So play the basic triad and you're going to use that same fingering. We're just going to play on the D, G, and B strings. The tonic, third, fifth. So these are our three notes of the E major scale. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the triad or the scale? I leave it up to you to decide. And we're going to play the tonic, third, and fifth, which would be called first position triad in the key of E. So if we take each individual note of this E triad and move it as it would naturally occur if you were playing the scale itself, the B would come up a whole step, fifth would go to the sixth. This is the third of E, which would go to the fourth naturally. The root note would go to the second naturally. So everything's going to move together instead of one note at a time. That's the only difference here.

So we have the E triad. Everything moves naturally as it would occur in the course of playing a scale with the individual notes. This chord is F# minor. It would also be referred to as the two chord. So if you hear somebody say "play the two chord in the key of E", now you know. Root. There's the two chord, which is F# minor. Now we're going to move everything again as it would move if we were playing the scale. You have the three chord, which is called G# minor in this case. The next movement is going to be the four chord, which is A major. The five chord is B major, six chord is C# minor. The seven chord is D# diminished. The octave above is again, E major. So we've just harmonized the E major scale. To me this is just like playing that E major scale and harmonizing it in that way, it sounds kind of glorious to me. It sounds kind of beautiful to me. I love the way it sounds. It's music right there. You're already playing music.