Watch the G Shuffle: 4th Chorus online guitar lesson by Robben Ford from Riff Revolution

Last four bars, there's a riff that I'm playing that I copped from Jimmie Vaughan, off the Family Style record that he did with his brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Little things like that catch my fancy. I just like 'em! So much of what you can play and have at your fingertips are just little things that you like and pick-up. You end up playing it pretty much the same way they play it, too.

And that feeds what's going on with you: You make yourself happy by doing something like that - it's sheer pleasure playing something you like that somebody else you like played.

It's also a very large part of how you learn to play music, by music you've heard. You've listened to this music, and you've heard this thing happen at that time, and then you try playing that thing at that time.