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Watch the Movement & Themes online guitar lesson by Robben Ford from Blues Revolution

Robben presents the concept of chordal movements and themes. His first example shows a theme of A-Bb-B (on the high E string), with A as the root of the A13 (I), Bb is added as the b9 of A13, and then B is added to the D9 chord (IV) to form D13.

The next example focuses on a A13b9 chord. With the b9 added it now contains a cycle of minor 3rds; the diminished chord C#-E-G-Bb. Robben demonstrates how to apply the diminished scale (C#-D#-E-F#-G-A-Bb-C) over the chord, and like any diminished chord, the chord and/or scale can be moved up or down the neck by minor 3rds as the combination of notes remain the same, as they are simply reorganized on the fretboard.

He ends this lesson by presenting a I-VI-II-V-I turnaround that ends one 12-bar section and moves right into the next. Rather than use the standard A - F#m - Bm - E7 chords for the turnaround, Robben utilizes the concepts he has shown so far to create one using A13 add9 - F# #9b13 - Bm9 - E7 #9b13 - A13.