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Watch the Misdirected Chords online guitar lesson by Robben Ford from Blues Revolution

Robben walks you through the chord voicings and harmonies for Misdirected Blues. Some of the highlights include Robben demonstrating the C7#9#5 voiced as E(3rd)-Bb(7th)-D#(#9)-G#(#5)-C(root) and showing how the raised 5th G# can also be thought of as the lowered 13th Ab as they are enharmonically the same note (different names but the same sound).

Then he moves the chord down one fret to serve as the V7 chord as G9b13 made up of Eb(b13)-A(9th)-D(5th)-G(root) sometimes adding in C as the 11th.

From there he moves to Eb13 with a flat 5th voiced Db(7th)-G(3rd)-C(13th)-F(9th)-A(b5). Then it's back to the blues progression, rounded off with an extended V ending on G13.

Note that even with all of the extensions and form modifications, the underlying form is still the blues.