Watch the The I IMaj7 I7 IV Progression online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from Rhythm Makeover: Vicki Genfan

This is a I-Ima7-I7-IV progression in the key of D. Our chords are D-Dma7-D7-G. I think the song that comes to most of us when we hear this is the Beatle’s ‘Something’. There’s something really compelling about hanging out on the I chord, while changing the quality of the chord, then jumping to the IV chord, a temporary release after all that tension building up. Our rhythm track is in a 6/8 feel. Our first approach uses chords in 1st position and really supports the 6 feel with a syncopated 8th note strumming pattern. The 2nd approach takes us to a completely new place using a drop D tuning and using a combination of open strings and hammer ons. There’s also an advanced variation on this approach that uses harmonic tapping.