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Watch the Rhythm Makeover: Muriel Anderson online guitar lesson by Muriel Anderson from Rhythm Makeover: Muriel Anderson

Welcome to Rhythm Makeover for fingerstyle guitar. In this course we'll take 15 progressions that may sound familiar to you because they are used in great songs in all different styles. I’m finding different approaches to each based on what would sound nice for each progression. These are all off-the-cuff ideas and that’s exactly what you would do if you’re figuring out a nice accompaniment or writing a tune using these progressions. I think you’ll find that after working through the rhythms, chord voicings and techniques used in these examples, you’ll get more fluent with the possibilities on fingerstyle guitar and come up with more ideas on your own. Some of the examples are fairly easy, and some are more difficult. Don’t be afraid to skip over some or to start with the ones that intrigue you the most. We will use the traditional Roman numerals to identify the progressions, so that they can be transposed to different keys. In general, capital letters will indicate major chords and small letters will indicate minor chords. The chord based off of the first note of the scale is a I chord, the minor chord based off the 2nd degree of the scale is written as a ii chord, etc. You can do any of these exercises on any type of acoustic guitar, steel string or nylon string, and some techniques transfer over to electric as well.