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Watch the Fareed's Raga-ize Tip #2 online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from Gaga for Raga


In the example here we've taken raga Bairavi and applied it to a different root note. This creates a different tonality. Play a C in the bass and the raga creates a C minor sound. You could also try this raga on E-flat major seven #11. Try it out on a D7#9 for a funky sound. Also try it on A half-diminished or G minor flat six. If you notice I’ve built a chord on each note of the raga.

Try doing the same with all the other ragas: Try them first with each note of the raga as a bass note. Jam on it for a while to get the sound in your ear and then see what chord or chords you can build from those bass notes. Then of course transpose them to all 12 keys! That will keep you off the streets for a while.


Here, Fareed plays Bairagi Bhairav in two different tonics; C, and D, and jams with all the ornamentations we have learned within the structure of the raga.