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Watch the Rifi Hendrix: 8 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 8: Advanced Rhythm Approaches

Rifi Hendrix: 8 - Guitar 3 Performance is a video guitar lesson presented by Chris Buono and is sourced from Guitar Cubed.

Of all the Guitar 3 parts thus far in Guitar Cubed, none are to be considered a bonified third part. With its strong motivic development and super-catchy hooks Guitar 3 changes the game. What's more, this is the longest part thus far weighing in at 32 bars!

Guitar 3 has an obvious penchant for perfect 4ths, which once more this interval is treated with a fingering approach specific to a need. This time it's for muting out unwanted string noise. By fretting the diad from low to high with the 1st and 3rd fingers this will allow the 2nd finger to rest over some of the lower strings while the thumb makes up for the rest. As for the high E string, the 3rd fingers haves got that covered--literally.

The first time the IV chord change comes round a shift is made to the 10 position D for a run in what seems to be D minor pentatonic. While that's a valid assertion, it's more about a condensed Mixolydian thing. Watch for the zippity-quick sliding in bar 9 starting on the upbeat of beat 4 that shoots off three consecutive whole step slides.

The second half starting in bar 17 is indeed D minor pentatonic seasoned with choice whole step bends of various durations. But, don't get too comfortable as the vision shifts once again to G Mixolydian for bars 25 and 27. Focus your attention on the PIP view in the final bar to see the momentary hybrid-picking for the final lick.

This fiery part-de-force is broken down in chewable chunks in the next segment.