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Watch the Down and Dirty: 7 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 8: Advanced Rhythm Approaches

Down and Dirty: 7 - Guitar 2 Breakdown is a video guitar lesson presented by Chris Buono and is sourced from Guitar Cubed.

In both Guitars 1 & 2 the basic idea of what's going to be played is established right from the onset in bar 1 and lasts through bar 8. Against the series of varying dom7 chords in Guitar 1, Guitar 2 rocks some Hendrix-style major arpeggios much the same way Rifi Hendrix did. The brawny simplicity in this approach is a smart move considering the intricacy of Guitar 1.

As you can see the first four bars are the same riff, which is something that can be referred to as "static". When you have a static idea that slightly changes for whatever reason it's known as a stationary permutation. Such is the case in bars 5 and 6 where the static riff is ever so slightly changed for the IV and #ivdim7 chords. For C7 the 4th 16th that was a B natural in the first four bars is now a Bb as that's what C7's chord formula calls for. Keeping the Bb permutation, bar 6 also has a C# on the downbeat of beat 2 as opposed to the D played in every other instance to jive with the C#dim chord. Stationary permutations are a very cool way to play over changes in any scenario and will make your ideas much more happenin' sometimes with minimal effort.

Rounding the corner to the turnaround in bar 9 Guitar 2 doubles the already massive Guitar 1. When playing this with the tracks here in Guitar Cubed or with another player in the flesh be sure to really lock up with the guitar and bass so as not to take away from the intended power of it all.

What happens in the final bar of Down and Dirty is something that was first heard in the turnaround of Rocking Chair where two E7 altered chords came together creating a grating E7b9b13. In this jam Guitar 2 plays a 1st inversion D7#9/F# that sounds pretty nasty alongside the root position "Jimi Hendrix chord" played in Guitar 1.