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Watch the Down and Dirty: 5 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 8: Advanced Rhythm Approaches

Down and Dirty: 5 - Guitar 1 Breakdown is a video guitar lesson presented by Chris Buono and is sourced from Guitar Cubed.

Guitar 1 in Down and Dirty is all about fingering options. What dictates what fingering is applied to the 3rd position drop 3 G7 fragment (no 5th makes it a fragment of the original tetradic formula) is what closed voiced triad will be played after it. In bars 1 and 3 it's best to use your fret hand 3rd finger for the respective G/B and G6/B chords. With that in mind, it's best to finger the G7 as a 2-3-4 configuration with the 3rd finger planted on the 4th string (makes that John "Hannibal" Smith mantra ring even more loudly, right?!). Be sure to listen carefully in the video for all the fingerings used in Guitar 1 and not only use them for playing this part but also try to take the ideas and apply them to your own parts.

In bar 6 you're in for a C#dim chord (#ivdim) in it's 2nd inversion. For those of you not familiar with how that works, here's the lowdown. Let's look at this from a tetrad standpoint as it's easier to digest the concept and it's how I present it in the breakdown albeit a triad is played in the performance. A C7 is spelled 1 3 5 b7. In C, that's C E G Bb. If you raise the root a half step to C# you get one of two things. First, you get a b9 (Db/C#) in the bass. More related to the blues you get a diminished 7th chord a half step above the IV chord making for a very cool chord change, not to mention bass movement. Just look at the chord tones and you'll see it: C# E G Bb. In C#, that's 1 b3 b5 bb7, which is the chord formula for dim7. Take the 7th out of the mix and do this to a C major triad and you get a C#dim chord, which is exactly what you have in it's 2nd inversion (b5-1-b3) at the upbeat of beat 2 in bar 6.

When you get to bars 9-12 be sure to CRUSH those downbeat chords and really dig into the single note riffs that follow with the downstrokes that were pointed out in the previous text blurb. Make that Guitar 3 earn its place in the mix!! As with the previous eight bars, it's all about the prepared fingerings that makes the playing flow as it should.