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Watch the Keith Richards Style: Open G online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 7: Style Variations

Keith Richards Style: Open G - Breakdown is a video guitar lesson presented by Andy Aledort and is sourced from Slide Guitar Power.

When tuned to open G, placing a capo at the fourth fret raises the pitch of the open strings two whole steps, so strumming across the strings sounds a concert-pitch B chord. Generally speaking, most guitar players think of this in a transposing manner, meaning that regardless of the capo position, they still think of the chord names relative to the capo position, i.e., the open strings sounds a G chord, barring five frets higher sounds the four chord, C, etc. This example begins with conventional fretting to execute alternating I-IV (one-to-four) chord movement, from G to C/E (transposing), during which harmonized thirds are played on the D and G strings. At bar 5, I switch from conventional fretting to using the slide to sound the IV (four) chord, C (transposiing), after which I switch back and forth from G to C akin to Keith's "Happy" guitar lick. The figure ends with a nod to, "Tumblin' Dice" with the use of small chord voicings, hammer-ons and slides.