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Watch the Gin Soaked Queen: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 6: Soloing Approaches

Gin Soaked Queen: Lead 2 - Breakdown is a video guitar lesson presented by Andy Aledort and is sourced from Jam Night Vol. 2.

This solo pass begins with the previously used Bb-D doublestop/oblique bend, wherein the Bb is bent up one half step to the major third of G, B. While the bend is held, I add and subtract the pinkie on the high E string to perform a more complex melodic idea, followed by bluesier phrasing that balances well against the country-type feel. The first time through the progression, sliding sixths based on C and D Mixolydian are played over the C and D chords, respectively, with hybrid picking used in order to make the higher strings pop out a little more. The initial idea is then revisited in bar 9, followed with quick hammer-ons into C and G triadic shapes in seventh position. The solo then closes out with very melodic G major pentatonic single-note lines played higher on the board, offering the feeling of "culmination" to the improvised passage.

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