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Watch the Ridin' That Train: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 4: Rhythm Approaches

Ridin' That Train: Rhythm 1 - Breakdown is a video guitar lesson presented by Andy Aledort and is sourced from Jam Night Vol. 3.

The C/E and F/A chord are both initiated with hammer-ons from the second of each chord into the major third: over the C triad, D is hammered up to E, and over the F chord, G is hammered up to A. While holding the chord forms, the pinkie is used to bring other notes in and out as a means of chordal embellishment. After the first eight bars of the progression, a signature lick is played that is based on C major pentatonic (C D E G A) into the F root note of the four chord, then resolving back to C. Straight iffth-string root root/fifth chords are used in the next section, and a small harmonic twist is provided via the shift from F to E major, followed by the end of the progression, Am to G.