Watch the Soloing Study #3 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 10: Advanced Soloing Principles

Soloing Study #3 - Section 1 Analysis is a video guitar lesson presented by Jon Finn and is sourced from Modal Rock Soloing.

Jon explains in detail how to play the chords in the rhythm track. Many guitarists know that when dealing with 5 chords, they're equally happy functioning as major or minor chords. Same with sus2 chords. Why? Because the 3rd of the chord isn't played. It's the 3rd of the chord that determines whether it's major or minor. But here's an interesting phenomenon: When a 5th interval is played on guitar with distortion, there's a beat frequency harmonic that creates the illusion of a major 3rd. It's soft enough that it doesn't interfere with minor chord sounds. But left to its own devices, the sound slightly favors a major chord sound. In the first section, the chords are D5, Csus2, and G5. The overall effect, because of the harmonics, creates a Mixolydian sound.