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Watch the Burnin' Up the Rhoads online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 10: Advanced Soloing Principles

Burnin' Up the Rhoads - Breakdown is a video guitar lesson presented by Angus Clark and is sourced from Hard Rock Survival Guide: Lead .

B minor, so I start in the 7th position with some straight up blues-y pentatonic stuff. Nothing real surprising. A couple of pinch harmonics. The ascending pattern is a fun one to get into your playing, it's a pattern of six notes played in a rhythmic grouping of 4, if you get into playing this run make sure you get your sixteenth note feel locked in with the rhythm section. You've got to have some swagger on this kind of stuff.

The tapping section is again demanding rhythmically, particularly at this tempo, and is complicated by the fact that the drums are playing sixteenths on the kick drum while you're playing triplets. Stay in time. Coming into the stop time figures we're in a position scale fingering and I'm using pull-offs to create a fluid sound. Again, it's on the soloist to stay in time, you're playing over just a hihat at points. Relax, and listen while you play, that's the key to staying in time. Remember to breathe.

The two runs that close the solo are both demanding for different reasons, and are both examples of "here to there" problem solving. The ascending run is sixteenth note triplets, and I double back a couple of times in order to nail the high B on a strong beat. This run is mostly legato, so it'll be a test of your finger strength (or your guitar's set up and your compressor settings) to make the entire run speak clearly. On that high B I manage to let a little vibrato creep in before having to play the closing run, which is a fairly straightforward pattern run, it just ends very neatly and needs to be playing in time and with conviction in order for it to sound cool.