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Watch the Ornamentation online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 10: Advanced Soloing Approaches

Ornamentation - Concept 15 is a video guitar lesson presented by Andy Timmons and is sourced from Electric Expression.

I'm going to talk a bit about ornamentation of notes and obviously bending and vibrato do fall in that category and we've talked about that a little bit already. It's basically having a note and literally decorating it, putting ornaments on it. There are other ways of doing it though, in addition to the bending and vibrato. It's the way that you play the note. Sometimes you can slide up to the note or slide down it. So you're not just hearing the pitch of D. I'll figure out a way of giving a note a certain gravity and the pick harmonics too. That's a way of giving a sort of ornamentation. It's just noodling on the one note. Of course the classic trill, where you have a fretted and then you trill one note above it in the scale. I think I could use some work on that to build my hand strength. I always had a hard time with "Love Me Two Times". I still can't do it, maybe I should ask Robby Krieger if that's where he played it. But that's a great ornamentation. If your playing a blues, that's a fun one too and it comes from the Jan Hammer minimoog "School". Basically re-articulating the same note playing that note G with the pinky, then sliding up to it with the index finger from the E. It's funny how the whole thing happened, because I think Jan was just trying to sound like a guitar player on the keyboard by using the pitch wheel and then Jeff Beck I think, was influenced by his permutation of the guitar sounding licks. I was just taking it up through the A minor pentatonic.There's a nice note and that falls into some of the passing tone approach note things, but it's also a way of ornamenting. It's other ways of playing a regular note, but giving a bit more spice to it.

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