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Watch the Major All Over online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Rock Guitar 10: Advanced Soloing Approaches

Major All Over - Performance is a video guitar lesson presented by David Grissom and is sourced from Open Road Guitar.

In Major All Over, I am playing over a basic four chord progression of D, Em7, A7, and back to D. I want to use this study to emphasize the relationship of the three chords in the key of D major as we discussed earlier. Em7 takes the dorian mode of the key of D, A7 takes the mixolydian mode of D major, and of course the D major chord takes the D major scale. As we can see all the chords are in the same key and in this study I am not going to use any other notes than that of D major. I want to reinforce the concept that if we learn the D major scale fingerings we don't have to think about changing modes, we are just playing in D. I feel this really simplifies the learning process and gets you out of the intellectual stuff when you are soloing and trying to express something that shouldn't require a lot of thinking! I'm going to play very simple melodic passages the first time through and then I'm going up higher on the fingerboard to play a variation on some of the pedal tone ideas we played previously. These will still involve hybrid picking, my pick plays the lower notes and my fingers play the ones above it. Keep in mind that I am never moving out of the D major scale. In the middle of the study I will also play some of the pedal steel licks where I bend downward to form the triad. This works great in this Tom Petty-ish, Americana kind of feel.