Watch the Sax Licks online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Jazz Guitar 9: Advanced Lick Vocabulary

Listen to any of the great jazz guitarists and you'll hear improvisational approaches and licks inspired from the lines of great saxophone and horn players like Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, to the more contemporary players like Branford Marsalis and the Brecker Brothers. Bill Evans and Mike Stern present 10 licks for jazz guitar inspired by the saxophone.

TIP! Everything you work on should be started slowly, paying attention to the fine details of finger placement, minimum motion, efficient picking hand movement, and proper intonation. Then GRADUALLY increase your speed. Think baby steps. Don't try to jump from zero to 60 - take it slow. As you gradually speed up you will see other technique issues that need to be addressed. These are more easily discovered and dealt with at slow tempos. It is way harder to fix a problem that you have burned into your muscle memory than it is to just start slow and fix things along the way. So always start practicing a new thing slowly, and then build up your speed.