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Watch the Comping Concepts online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Jazz Guitar 8: Advanced Rhythm Principles

In this section, Fareed Haque shares 6 more ‘Trade Secrets" focused on emulating horn section backgrounds and stabs, as well as B3 pedal points. You'll learn how to invert color tones, comp for yourself, and work with guide tones. Fareed wraps up the section with a series of performance studies over a I-vi-ii-V Progression.

TIP! Being a good rhythm guitarist starts with having a good sense of timing and being able to play in the pocket. But once you have a good handle on that, then you need to expand your options - both rhythmically and harmonically.

A great way to do this is by listening to other players who are great rhythm guitarists. Hear how they apply different variations and make note of what their choices are.

It helps to break your rhythm practice into those two areas - work on rhythm variations and different feels and grooves. Then work on using other harmonic options, different chord inversions and voicings. If you systematically experiment with testing out other options you will naturally gravitate towards the ones that are YOUR style, and you can further develop those, and then you will become that hip rhythm player that other people listen to!