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Watch the Jazz Rock online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Jazz Guitar 7: Style Variations

In this section, Carl Verheyen guides you through 2 fusion funk performance studies. Carl will first demonstrate a soloing example over a jam track, and then break it down emphasizing the techniques and concepts in play. This first soloing example is over a G7 funky vamp, and starts out with minor and major pentatonics and then adds the Mixolydian mode to the mix. The second soloing example features the diminished scale and demonstrates it's use over the dominant 7 chord to achieve a more altered sound.

TIP! One of the best pieces of advice I ever got as a player, was to "learn it - then do it your own way". At first that seems counter-intuitive. Afterall we are trying to really nail the lessons we are working on, and once we do that… then we are supposed to change it? YES! Throughout history players have been borrowing, or outright stealing others licks and ideas, and then changing them to make them their own. Basically you have to start somewhere as you are developing your own voice on the guitar, so it makes sense to learn something that is already pretty cool, and then put your own spin on it. Try it out, learn a new lick or pattern, but then instead of just moving on to something else - look at how you can tweak, adapt, extend, change and make it your own.