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Watch the Comping Study 2 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Jazz Guitar 7: Style Variations

Comping Study 2 - Demonstration is a video guitar lesson presented by David Blacker and is sourced from Swing Blues Survival Guide: Rhythm.

In this study, we'll add the high E string into the mix to build some lush four note voicings. This piece incorporates a lot of half-step moves and great voice leading elements, opening up with a Bb 6/9 chord, which has a really sweet swingin' flavor.

As we transition into the IV chord from the 4th measure, we'll use a great voice leading move with descending motion on both the high E and B strings. Then, in the 6th measure (2nd measure of the IV chord), we'll introduce a diminished or dominant 7b9 substitution. This is a really key substitution that players use on the 2nd measure of the IV chord to build tension back into the I chord in the 7th measure. This four note shape can moved up and down the neck in three fret intervals, while still remaining the same chord. This substitution offers a nice way to create the feeling of movement, and sets up a nice tension/release when it resolves back to the I. In the 8th measure, we'll introduce a dominant 7b9 leading into the II - V - I turnaround. The last voicing is on the V of the II - V - I, with an F7b9add13 (that's a mouthful!).