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Watch the Connect Chords: Basic Bebop online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Jazz Guitar 6: Soloing Principles

In this section, Fareed shows you the principles of connecting the chords, from the previous section, in a basic bebop approach. You'll learn how to connect C min7 to F min7, D half dim to G7 to C min, Eb min7 to Ab7 to Db maj7, D half dim to G7 to C min, and Eb min7 to Ab7. You'll then be able to transform those approaches to connecting the same types of chords in other keys. You'll also work on a bossa playalong using all of the approaches you've learned in this and the previous sections.

TIP! Everything you work on should be started slowly, paying attention to the fine details of finger placement, minimum motion, efficient picking hand movement, and proper intonation. Then GRADUALLY increase your speed. Think baby steps. Don't try to jump from zero to 60 - take it slow. As you gradually speed up you will see other technique issues that need to be addressed. These are more easily discovered and dealt with at slow tempos. It is way harder to fix a problem that you have burned into your muscle memory than it is to just start slow and fix things along the way. So always start practicing a new thing slowly, and then build up your speed.