Watch the Comping Studies online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Jazz Guitar 4: Rhythm Principles

Mr 335, Larry Carlton shares some comping insight and two comping studies here in Section 5. Larry will demonstrate and then breakdown the rhythm guitar studies in the keys of Bb and C. You'll then work with the jam tracks on your own, applying what you've learned to craft your own comping parts.

TIP! Whatever you sit down to practice on, remember, breaking it down into small chunks will help you play it better, and remember it better. Take a lick or rhythm or pattern and see if you can break it down. Maybe you can look at what your right hand is doing, then what your left hand is doing. Look at each little technique involved and work on those individually. Once you have all the little pieces sounding good - then glue it all back together and voila! You will find that the whole has been strengthened by working on each little part!