Watch the Finger Lickin' online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Country Guitar 9: Advanced Lick Vocabulary

Finger Lickin' - Lick 13 is a video guitar lesson presented by Jason Loughlin and is sourced from 50 Country Masters Licks You MUST Know.

This lick is inspired by the great Leon Rhodes of The Texas Troubadours, and his guitar playing on "Honeyfingers", which was a very famous instrumental for The Troubadours. It was released in 1966 and also featured Buddy Charleton on Steel. Leon is famous for playing country-bebop lines over western swing tunes. In Honeyfingers he plays something that was typical of the western swing instrumentals. The compositional concept that you hear Jimmy Bryant, Speedy West and Hank Garland employ. He essentially comes up with a pattern that works over a chord shape, and then moves that pattern around to reflect the chord he's playing over. That's what's going on here in Honeyfingers, you have a melodic idea that we just change to a new key every time the chord changes.