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Watch the Pedal Steel Bends: 2 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Country Guitar 6: Soloing Principles

Pedal Steel Bends: 2 - Concept 15 is a video guitar lesson presented by Johnny Hiland and is sourced from Ten Gallon Guitar.

One last thing to show you about steel guitar bends is how to move in a horizontal fashion. One way we can do that is to use the key of D, because D is able to move all the way up the fret board for quite some ways. The first one starts on 2nd and 1st fret. Use the G string will be the only one that is bent. Play the Dvii, bend the G up a whole tone, slide that up two frets and bend it up a half tone. Reach down and do the bend we did before - barring the finger on the A note 7th fret with the 3rd finger, bend the G down on the C note (G string 5th fret) reaching now with the pinkie to the 7th fret on the B string. Then 7th fret D string to 9th fret, followed by the actual D note (G string 7th fret) and then we do the walk into the A note that we need which on the A string which is with our second and third finger going from the 8th to the 9th fret, and then bend the D note a whole tone on the 7th fret G string. From there, we can bar on the 7th fret and hit the GGB. I used the G note with my second finger 8th fret, and bend that up a whole tone and reach up two more frets to the 10th and do it again. Release it down, and slide my first finger into that 10th fret and I went from the 10th to the 12th fret on the B. Following that with our D note on the bottom with our first finger on the 10th note, high E string and then, way down to the 14th fret with our third or fourth finger. And now we're going to do a bend with our second finger on the B string on the 13th fret. Do the old country lick that I taught you in A now in the D position. Now, you release that bend and reach back with the bar on the 10th fret. You're just going to play both notes individually, high E note on the 10th (?? I think this is the part he says is incorrect) . We're just going to hit the D note and reach down towards the 13th fret on the B string, then the G note will bend on the 12th fret which was a whole tone bend. Then reaching down with our first finger to the 10th fret, and then finishing on the D note 12th fret, D string. If we put all this together and you play it up to speed, it sounds really cool. You can play that in many different ways throughout the song, and as we get into the band tracks in Section 2 you'll actually get to hear the different ways. This just opens your mind to the fact that there are all kinds of really cool steel guitar licks out there. The one last one I'd like to show you is the most traditional country lick and we'll play it in D because we've already been in this Section. We're going to walk up the scale from the 5th note of the scale which is an A. I'm walking up from the 5th note, walking up four notes. 12th fret A string, 9th fret D string, 11th fret D, 12th fret D string which is the D note. I go off of my first finger G string 9th fret and back to our root D note, and then I do a bend with that D note held true on the 12th fret. I bend down on the G string a whole tone from the 9th fret. You can hammer on to that if you want. You can make your own lick just out of that. You can have some fun with that or you can continue it, the way I'm going to teach you. After I do the bend, I release it back down to the D note again, hit it again and then I'm reaching on the same fret, 12th fret. Can you hear how I'm putting the D note in between there? When I do that, I do a sweep downward and it's a sweep from the 11th fret down to the 7th fret on the G string followed by a 9 to 7 pull-off with our third to first finger on the D string, 9th to 7th fret, and then back to our D note to finish it on the 7th fret bar. I'll play this one again for you. There you have it folks! There's a whole bunch of different steel guitar licks for you and I hope you have fun learning them. Don't forget to experiment with this stuff. There's also a device you can get for your guitar, called a B bender, and it will bend the B note for you. I grew up in a time when B benders were not prominent and easy to get and so I learned a lot of these B bender licks without one. I think that's the best way because it allows you to get involved with your fingers and pick and it's a whole lot of fun. And I'm going to show you how to use these licks within rock, blues, and some other stuff coming up. I can't wait for you to experience them and get them under your belt. I guarantee you, we will have lots of fun.