Watch the Basic Swing Blues Harmony online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Blues Guitar 8: Advanced Rhythm Principles

Basic Swing Blues Harmony - Demonstration is a video guitar lesson presented by David Blacker and is sourced from Swing Blues Survival Guide: Rhythm.

In this exercise, we'll look at a four-to-the-bar comping pattern in the style of Freddie Green, the guitarist from the Count Basie orchestra. Freddie played big chunky chord voicings located primarily on the 6th, 4th & 3rd strings. These voicings are a great introduction to swing blues harmony, incorporating unique inversions of standard chords and lending themselves to some nice movement and transitions.

It's important to remember that Freddie Green played an acoustic archtop, so these chunky chord voicings were somewhat necessary to project over the orchestra. But if you're playing an electric guitar, you definitely want to apply a soft touch when playing these types of inversions, allowing the rhythm to be "felt" rather than heard. We'll also be substituting a II - V - I turnaround for the standard V - IV - I blues turnaround over this track.