Watch the Right and Left Hand Muting online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Blues Guitar 7: Slide Approaches

Right and Left Hand Muting - Overview is a video guitar lesson presented by Andy Aledort and is sourced from Slide Guitar Power.

When it comes to right-and left-hand muting techniques, no one is better to study than Duane Allman. When playing slide, Duane fingerpicked exclusively, using his right thumb, index and middle fingers to pluck the strings. A major element in the uniqueness of his sound was his right-hand muting techniques: while one finger picked a string, the other two were used for muting, i.e., when a string was picked with the thumb, the index and middle fingers would rest lightly on the higher strings, muting them; when the index finger picked a string, the thumb would mute the lower strings; and when the middle finger was used to pick a string, the thumb and index fingers would be used for muting. This technique afforded Duane's slide playing unparalleled clarity and precision.