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Watch the Soloing Approaches online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Blues Guitar 6: Soloing Principles

Here you are going to dig into some soloing ideas for a slow blues, a minor blues, and a Texas blues. You will also look at targeting chord tones, and learn about looking for common tones when you are soloing. Getting these concepts under your belt will give you a wide range of styles that you can solo over, and help you develop more melodic sounding solos by playing the sweet notes.

TIP! Guitar playing is a lot about what you know and understand. Without that you are just fumbling around on the fretboard.

A good way to keep track of all the concepts and different approaches you are going to be working on is to keep a practice notebook handy and jot down these ideas. Your notes can be as simple as "Use the Major pentatonic over a Major chord" or more difficult concepts like chord substitutions. Whatever they are - make notes and review them frequently. Most concepts are things that you will use time and time again throughout your playing career, so keeping track of them all is imperative.

Eventually these concepts become subconscious knowledge like putting one foot in front of the other as you walk across the room, but until then, constant review and repeated use will make sure you are not forgetting or overlooking anything.