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Watch the A Shuffle online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Blues Guitar 4: Rhythm Approaches

A Shuffle - Rhythm is a video guitar lesson presented by Larry Carlton and is sourced from 335 Blues.

In the next big section of 335 BLUES, we'll drill down on essential techniques and improvisational approaches. We'll cover bending and vibrato (in fact, four types of vibrato) and the use of motifs, space and phrasing. We'll also have a look at using the melodic minor scale in blues, "knuckle voicings" and a few recommendations approaching practicing, playing and performing.
The third section covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the technical to the philosophical. We'll talk about tone and how I go about tweaking my rig to achieve my sound. We'll also discuss recording, jamming and performing with other musicians. I added a few more surprises for you here as well.
So, enough talk. Let's get busy with a shuffle in the key of A and work on how we might approach comping over this progression.
Good rhythm is all about good timing. Keeping your ears glued to a drummer's hi-hat and snare helps establish a sense for where the time is and where your rhythm parts need to fall. The "bubble" parts I play here - the muted, single-note stabs - are played with very strict attention to the hi-hat.
A strict sense of time doesn't mean that your playing is going to sound stiff! Instead, a good sense for where beats fall gives you a lot more room to add "feel" into your rhythm parts. Try your own bubble part over the jam track. Once you're comfortable with the groove, you can start to add more color with accents and comping chords.