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Watch the Americana Licks online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Acoustic Guitar 6: Lick Vocabulary

In this section, Cathy Fink's cherry-picked collection of 9 Americana licks will equip you with versatile techniques and powerful creative approaches to enhance your acoustic flatpicking and fingerpicking chops. Best of all, they're easy to learn so you can put them work immediately in your own repertoire and/or compositions.

TIP! Like any person who speaks eloquently has a grasp of a variety of words to get their message across, so it is with licks for guitar players. The more licks you know and work on, the more you expand your vocabulary to communicate with your guitar.

When you sit down to work on licks, make sure you are taking your time. Get not only the lick itself down, but make a mental note of all the different techniques that the lick includes. Does it have bending in it? Hammer ons or Pull offs, slides, vibrato? What kind of phrasing is used? What scale is it from? What chords can it be played over? There is a lot more to a lick than just playing through it. Make sure you are really getting the most knowledge out of every lick you learn.You'll find that knowledge helpful down the road.