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Watch the The Nature Of Guitar online guitar lesson by Pat Martino from The Nature of Guitar

A Note from Pat Martino

“The Guitar is quite a phenomenon, one that goes far beyond what it initially appears to represent.

When we study something that generates ingenuity, it creates a condition that not only reveals more to us about ourselves, but in that process causes important changes in our viewpoints.

That’s what these studies are about. They're designed to provide a greater insight regarding specific traits of the instrument itself, but at the same time joining with similarities found in many other things. In this way continuously producing what’s needed to expand our perspectives.

That’s "The Nature of Guitar”.

A Note from Tom Dempsey, Co-Producer/Musical Consultant

“My journey through jazz began almost immediately with an introduction to Pat Martino’s music. From the moment I first heard the album Live and then El Hombre my life and music were impacted in a profound way. As I continued to develop, I had the opportunity to immerse myself more in his music. Then I attended my first of many workshops led by Pat. There are no words to fully describe the tremendous effect that experience had on my life. He demonstrated a completely different way of looking at the guitar and music itself.

I have been fortunate to attend many more Pat Martino workshops over the years. Each time I seemed to get a little bit closer to comprehending the different facets of his unique approach. I always felt that if I could just sit with each one of the concepts, with Pat in the room, and allow for an opportunity of full immersion I might be able to get closer. As I began to work on this project I wanted to help nurture this type of environment to exist. Allowing for the possibility of focused attention on the various concepts of Pat’s teachings. In doing so I quickly realized that all of Pat’s teachings, wisdom and music take on new meaning as I evolve.

To be involved in the documenting of The Nature of Guitar has been a tremendous honor. Many thanks to Pat for his trust in me with this project as well as his ongoing support. The information in The Nature of Guitar is, in my opinion, sacred. To be offered the opportunity to apprentice with Pat Martino and help in the presentation of this knowledge is one I hold with great responsibility. I would like to thank everyone at TrueFire for having the courage and commitment to document this great work. Having this information live in this format will have a tremendous impact on music forever.

To hear the music of Pat Martino is a blessing. To sit in a room and experience his music and teachings is a sacred moment. The opportunity to experience his music and teachings in this format is a great gift of unrealized potential. This is your moment of discovery. Welcome to The Nature of Guitar.”

A Note from Brad Wendkos, TrueFire Founder

“The Nature of Guitar is a dream come true for all of us here at TrueFire. We are big fans of Pat’s music and have always been fascinated by his teachings, but this project has much bigger ambitions than just sharing those teachings with other students of guitar.

Pat’s oneness with music reflects his oneness with life and the universe at large. Every note Pat plays resonates throughout his oneness and across the universe to grab us by the ear and stimulate our souls. How do you convey that to the world at large? How do you break down and present Pat’s extraordinary perception of not just the “nature of guitar” but of music and life itself? How do we accurately and appropriately document this remarkable artist and human being for generations to come?

Clearly, we've never been faced with a bigger creative challenge, over all of the 20+ years that we've been producing interactive learning experiences. It took us the better part of two years, but I believe we've answered those critical questions across the six hours of interactive video, countless animations, tabs, text narratives, and musical notations that comprise The Nature of Guitar.

We thank Pat for his faith and confidence in all of us here at TrueFire, and for continuing to inspire us and excite us about what we are privileged to do with our lives. We must also thank Tom Dempsey without whom this simply would not have been possible. Tom’s educational acumen, intellect, and musicality are all nothing short of exemplary.

Grab your guitar and buckle up — you are about to immerse yourself in a remarkable learning adventure guided by one of the most influential musicians of our times.”