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Watch the Diminished Form: Vertically online guitar lesson by Pat Martino from The Nature of Guitar

Back to the child: We found that the first of the two parental forms revealed themselves both horizontally and vertically, in ascent and descent, producing major and minor triads.

In this lesson, we'll see what's revealed when we consider the diminished form vertically across the string sets. We'll discover that when we consider the diminished chord on the 6543 grouping and transfer that to the 5432 grouping, a dominant 7th chord is revealed. When we move that over to the 4321 grouping, a dominant 7b5 chord is revealed.

We'll also look at how this can get translated up the neck to find similar results based on symmetry. All of the forms based on dissonance and consonance are based on these proportions. Therefore, there are not twelve keys, but rather six keys. Six consonant sets and six dissonant sets. These concepts will be explored in this lesson.