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Watch the Improv Wizard online guitar lesson by Oz Noy from Improv Wizard

Hello! I’m Oz Noy, and welcome to Improv Wizard. I love the sound of rock and blues and the sound of a Fender guitar, but I also appreciate the sophistication of jazz. Through all these years of playing different styles of music, I've been able to develop my own style and approach to harmony and melody while still being true to the sound of a Fender guitar. I'm excited to share my melodic approaches and techniques in this course so you can use them in your own music.

I've organized this course into two different sections. The first section focuses on a variety of my favorite ways to improvise on the guitar; looking at pentatonic scales, triads, symmetrical scales, arpeggios, and chord progressions. In the second section, we'll apply these concepts across six performance studies. We'll start with a blues progression built over a whole tone scale, improvisation using pentatonic and whole tone scales. Next, we'll focus on a melodic and rhythmical approach for a funky B flat one chord vamp. Then we'll solo using our arpeggio and triad approaches over ii V vamp. Then I'll show you a I IV V funky blues in D working with dominant scales, also showing you an A flat vamp with more colorful approaches. Finally, we'll change up the groove with an old school R&B progression, using chord tones with half step approaches.

For each of these performances and studies I'll start with an overview, demonstrate an improvisation over a rhythm track, and breakdown the approaches that I used. All the lessons are tabbed and noted, and include all the jam tracks I use as well. Ready to start? Put on your wizard hat, grab your guitar, and let’s dig in!