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Watch the How To Use This Course online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from 30 Modal Progressions You MUST Know

The best way to work through the course is to watch the video example and the breakdown of the chords and details of the modality. Reference the assets to see a visual representation of each chord and its position in the scale/key. I've written the analysis out as Roman numerals so that you can use this formula to create a similar progression in any key.

Listen carefully and make sure you can determine the resolution point (tonal center) of each progression.

Here's a checklist of items to consider for each progression:

  1. Determine and understand the key from which the progression is derived.
  2. Determine the tonal center and modality of the progression.
  3. Understand the Roman numeral description of the chord progression.
  4. Play the chord progression in time with the tracks.
  5. Create additional guitar parts as overdubs.
  6. Improvise over the chord progression using the correct mode.
  7. Create your own progressions in other keys using the formula of Roman numerals.