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Watch the 30 Modal Progressions online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from 30 Modal Progressions You MUST Know

Hi, I'm Robbie Calvo and welcome to 30 Modal Progressions You Must Know.

Believe it or not, every chord progression you'll ever play in music has a tonal center, which means every chord progression to some degree is modal in nature. Rock, pop, and blues all have modality and tonal centers...and even more complex jazz progressions have an ultimate tonal center, although they often modulate through a series of "mini" tonal centers.

Modal chord progressions can be created using dyads, triads, sevenths and extensions so the complexity of the harmonic structure doesn't take away from the overall tonal center. However, if you're looking to create rich, layered melodies targeting the characteristic notes for each mode, you'll definitely want to consider the voicings you choose.

I've put this course together to give you some examples of modal chord progressions within the major scale modes, encouraging you to study, play and use each one as a foundation for your own creativity. Ultimately, I'd like you to have the skills to create your own progressions for songwriting, jamming, and improvising.

I've organized this course into the seven major scale mode categories: the Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian progressions. I'll demonstrate each progression several times and break the progression down for you verbally and in text format, giving you some tips on improvising over these progressions.

Each modal progression will be tabbed and notated for study reference and you'll have thirty bass and drum tracks to create rhythm guitar parts over. In addition, I've provided my tracks to each progression with the rhythm guitars included so you can jam your modal licks over them too.

You'll find that this course also works seamlessly with my other modal courses, Modal Expose, Modal Architect and 50 Modal Licks You Must Know.

Ok, let's get down to rock 'n' roll business and get this modal party started!