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Watch the Comp & Solo: 1 Chord online guitar lesson by Larry Carlton from 335 Improv

Seems like it should easier to work your improvisations on a single chord than it would be over two or more, right? It's actually more of a challenge to keep things interesting when there are no changes. But that doesn't mean you can't expand your improvisations, both harmonically and rhythmically.

In this section, we're going to be working on comps and solos over just one chord: Db7#9. Though straight-up blues approaches work well over a raised-9, I think you'll have a good time exploring some other options. So, let's start by getting familiar with the rhythm and melody from another tune of mine called "Burnable," and then we'll explore some possibilities.

One point of clarification: The "raised 9" chords that I'm talking about can go by a number of names. You might see them written as Db7#9 or as Db7+9. Either notation is just indicating that the 9th degree is being raised - a.k.a. sharped (#) or augmented (+) - by half a step.

Sometimes you'll also hear a 7#9 chord referred to as "the Hendrix chord." Regardless of how you say it, the chord we're dealing with is a Db7 with a raised 9th degree.