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Watch the Gear Breakdown online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar: Intros, Outros & Turnarounds

Guys, I'd like to take a minute and tell you about the gear I've used on this course:

Over here for an amplifier, I have a Reeves "Space Cowboy". It's a British voiced amp, single channel, it's got a boost section on the back which is really cool if you want some tube break up. To be honest, this amp is clean from zero to ten and although it features a great British tone, it really works for a country boy like myself. I'm running that through a 2x12 Avatar Cabinet, and there's also a Johnny Hiland model 4x12 Avatar Cabinet that they feature on their website. It's got two Celestion G12K-100's in it, and of course I'm connecting the head and the cabinet with an Analysis Plus speaker cable. I run all Analysis Plus cables - I love them! They're truly the best in tone, and that's what we're all looking for. The little brown box you see on top of the amp is new for me - it's actually called the AmpRx BrownBox, and it checks the voltage of any environment you might be in, whether it's a honky tonk, or a nightclub, or even on a big stage. It lets you know what the voltage is coming from the wall so it's not hotter than what your amp can actually push. If there's too much voltage coming out of the wall, it can make your amp sound sterile or bad, so it gives you the flexibility to set the voltage to what's required of your amp for optimal tone.

We now move down to the Pedaltrain 2 on the floor, and my pedalboard starts with my GoGo Caliber Tuner, and that goes into a Digitech Whammy Ricochet pedal, which is featured on the bro country section of this course. We slide on up to the Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor, which is literally like running an 1176 rack compressor on your pedal board. Then we move into distortion world, running into a Carl Martin AC-Tone, which is a distortion pedal based on a Vox AC-30. Next is the MXR Custom Badass, a really great overdrive, which I'm using as a sort of middle of the road distortion. That goes into a JHS Angry Charlie, which is great for high gain sounding stuff. The next pedal is the iSP Decimator II, and that helps take away a lot of the excess noise that happens when you're running distortion pedals with compressors. The big blue box on the floor is the TC Electronic Flashback X4. What I love about this is that I have three independent delays at my feet, plus tap tempo. We finish off this pedal board with the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb. There's a few other pedals that I use that I don't have on the board at this time, like the MXR Super Badass for heavy gain as well as the Johnny Hiland Grumble Box by Metal Pedals. Why do we call it a Grumble Box? Because I wanted that double amp sound like Robben Ford or Sonny Landreth gets, but I wanted it in a pedal.

The guitar I'm using on this course is the new Kiesel Johnny Hiland Signature Guitar. You won't find this guitar in the stores, because with Kiesel you have to buy direct. I haven't had a Johnny Hiland model out in a while, and a lot of my fans wanted me to go back to a Telecaster style guitar. The Solo is precisely that - to me, this is every country player's workhorse guitar, although you can play any genre of music on this guitar. It's got a swamp ash body, and it's VERY thin on the top, which is great. It features my Johnny Hiland Electric City Pickups Six Shooter Singles. It's got a Hipshot hardtail bridge, regular Strat knobs but in the Tele position, and a five way switch. It's a 22 fret birdseye maple neck that's actually been color treated to look like it's burnt maple, with black diamond inlay. The frets are stainless steel with a bone nut and Kiesel locking tuners. It's a four bolt neck that actually goes in, so it's very easy to play up on the neck. The strings on this guitar are Elixir Strings, and I'm using V-Picks. I also use Long Hollow Leather straps and Gator gig bags, and something that I didn't get to bring down that I really wanted to is the Enhancer Amp Stand. So, there you have a complete gear list from me!