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Watch the G Standard Country online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar: Intros, Outros & Turnarounds

Alright folks, now we've got a G standard country track. When I think of standard country, it's like one of those Hank Williams tunes - "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound", "Family Tradition", etc. A midtempo "15-11" kind of intro. Now when you hear 15-11, you're thinking that's not a long time, which brings me back to the standard way of looking at it. What I mean by that is most of the time when the drummer says, "We're going to play some standard country", what he's saying is that it's probably going to involve playing pickup notes. So, it's probably going to be a 3, 4, 1 count, or you might get 5 counts (1, 2, 3, 4, 1), which I've done in this track. It's the same thing, just a different count.

Getting in to a G standard country tune, you really want to keep true to tradition. I'm talking about Roy Nichols licks or Don Rich from Buck Owens' band. You kind of keep that traditional country flair.

When playing the intro, the 15-11 just gets you into the song. It's pretty standard fare that just gets you going. The turnaround is where you can have a little bit more fun - you can either play the same thing that you played in the intro or you can elaborate on it. The outro is a descent, as it usually is 9 times out of 10. Let's get started.