Watch the B Bluesy Shuffle online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar: Intros, Outros & Turnarounds

Now I'm going to take us into a B shuffle. You're thinking, "Why would Johnny Hiland throw me a song in the key of B?" Well, the reason I did that is because the B stands for blues, and I wanted to throw some blues into this course. Even though it sounds like a country shuffle in the track, it doesn't mean that we have to solo in a country vein. It's actually cool to add a blues emphasis.

This one is kind of a long progression. We're actually doing a 11-22-45-15. That's a mouthful, but I've actually experienced this in Nashville where the drummer will start clicking his sticks together and will shout this out. We're going to play a 2 major this time, not a minor like in the ballad. The 2 major is just a whole step above your root, and then you're only a step and a half away from your 4 chord. It's a great segue. I love that when playing blues, because you can add some cool bends when going from the 1 to the 2, especially now that you're getting two full bars of 2. Let's get started.