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Watch the Sonic Tele online guitar lesson by Jim Campilongo from Sonic Tele

Welcome to Sonic Tele! Jim Campilongo here...   I’ve come up with a course to show you a fun overview of unique playing stylesthat are intended to inspire you and help you become a better, more expressive guitarist. While the course does focus on exploiting some of the unique tonal characteristics associated with Tele style guitars, most of the exercises, techniques, and songs will still sound great on just about any guitar. There is plenty of information that any level of player should enjoy!
I’ve broken this course into two sections. The first section of the lesson focuses on essential techniques . We start with right hand techniques (picking hand) and from there will move on to bending notes, behind the nut bending, de-tuning techniques employing the tuning pegs musically, steel guitar techniques, harmonics, tone and volume swells, and neck bending. We will also discuss improvisation ideas.

I highly recommend that the student spend some time becoming familiar with the concepts presented in the first section of the lesson as many of these techniques will create the foundation upon which the following lessons in section two are built. Plus, a good understanding and eventual mastery of these essential concepts will help your playing in general.
In the second section of the lesson we are going to start with Country Train wherein we will explore some behind the nut bending and other fun techniques I'm known for. Then we’ll move on to Twister, a great lick filled Jerry Reed  inspired number that provides a great hybrid picking workout. My original, the bluesy "Slow Tic Toc" will function as a vehicle volume swells and slapping harmonics. Then we will take some of the concepts even further during Blues for Roy.

We then take a right turn into an extensive workout during B Flat Blues that should help you “break out of the box”. I love this approach because I've seen it help so many students over my long teaching career. On Nang Nang we will look at superimposing jazz chords over a progression.

Additionally, we will look at some “pretty” sounding guitar lines in C to G7 - whole tone, diminished and open string ideas, all made fun and easy. We then return to the blues- exploring during Jim’s Blues.

Next in "Fingerpuppet Jam"we get our "band in a box" Miles Davis - by de-tuning our low string a serious octave while playing "Tribute to Jack Johnson inspired #9 chords. During Awful Pretty, Pretty Awful we will learn some Chet Atkin and Les Paul inspired rhythm and lead lines. Last but not least, will explore even more playing over changes during the Tony Mason jam.
This course will provide some great insight into playing guitar for players of all levels. We will learn some hot licks along the way and we will tackle some great challenges while having a blast.  I was very excited to put this course together and am proud of the information presented herein. I am confident that this course will help to improve your technique, expand your musical repertoire, give you some great licks and songs to play, and will ultimately open you up to a greater ability for creative expression, while having fun along the way. Alright then, lets get started!